last update end of June 2021
i’m still interested in digital publishing (graphic design and do some interactive coding), if you want to collaborate and have your text/essay published online on a custom website write me a note
~ online now just for the summer! CLARISA ISSUE 2 made with my dear Melisa Zaimović ~
~ coded an extension for BEDSIDE PRODUCTIONS : an educational platform called CLASSROOM ~
~ Made artist Sarah Veith a portfolio website ~
~ Designed the interface and coded the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Open Day website (was online only on the 29th of January) but still visible here without livestreams and lives ~
~ I made this reference website for the p5.js workshop I was teaching at Estienne ESAIG in Paris, January 2021 ~
~ soon online Noon Passama 's new website, designed by Claes Storm and coded by yours truly ~
~ coded BEDSIDE PRODUCTIONS now online ~
~ coded artist Minne Kersten's long scroll portfolio ~
~ created CLARISA with Melisa Zaimović, online first issue still secretly visible here ~
~ with Maisa Imamović we just launched a mini website made for Jess Henderson’s new book "Offline Matters" ~
Clara Pasteau, currently graphic designing and coding in Paris, FR
previously working as an in-house front-end developer at Unseen in Amsterdam, NL (2019)
Graphic design, CMS (Wordpress, Craft), Artist Portfolio, UX/UI, Illustration, Experimental Development, E-Commerce (Shopify, WooCommerce)
My friends having a website
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contact me by email if you are interested in building a handmade website together
Typeface in use is Cherry Swash by Nataliya Kasatkina (
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Link to the essay 'I plunged in slo-mo' i wrote in winter 2017 typeset in Univers
Here are some images of previous works